Encryption in wordpress

Since I wanted to write some private posts which ought to be encrypted as well as hidden, I was naturally looking for an encryption plug-in for wordpress. However, to my great disappointment, I couldn’t find one.
Perhaps I’ll write one. The basic idea is that there will be an option to mark the post as encrypted when writing it.
In that case, when the Save or Publish button will be pressed, the javascript will ask to decrypt the key (which is stored on the server in the encrypted form) and then will use the decrypted key to encrypt the content and convert it to base64. The content then will be modified in place and then sent to server.
When watching the post, the javascript will prompt for password for the key, decrypt it, and then use it in order to decrypt the ciphertext in place.
The cryptographic algorithm which can be used is AES-cbc, which is available in javascript.
Quite secure, since the password is not sent via the net.
Now I just have to find some time to implement it … 🙁

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