Integrating Rails and dhtmlxTabbar

The dhtmlxTabbar is a nice tab-bar component from
In order to use the AJAX loading feature I had to make a small change in the dhtmlxcommon.js so it mimics the behavior of Prototype by adding a X-Requested-With HTTP header. Thus, it’s possible to use request.xhr? in Rails.

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  1. Vassil Says:

    Hello Roman,

    I am considering using a few DHTMLX components in one of our Rails apps and I wondered what was your overall experience using DHTMLX in context of Rails and Prototype? Did you have any library conflicts, was the integration okay or did you come across annoyances and hurdles…

    Thanks for sharing,


  2. Roman Says:

    There were no library conflicts, and the integration was very easy and straight forward. The annoyances are, of course, the lack of good support for layout, for which you should use some other library, perhaps Yahoo’s yui-grids.
    If you will need some more information or code samples, feel free to ask.


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