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Yesterday I packed my ruby interface to ispell into a gem and published it on Rubyforge.
The rdoc can be found here.
I wonder if anyone still works with ispell besides myself.

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  1. Anjali Says:

    Are you working on the Ruby Bugzilla API? I went to but did not find it. I was wondering if you were using some other repository, by any chance?
    Also, I wanted a bugzilla interface for my rails project (including a login and post and view bugs etc). Is it possible to give me any pointers as to where to start?

    Thanks and Regards,


    Roman Reply:

    It’s available only from subversion, so run this command from your plugins directory.
    svn co bugzilla

    I’m no longer developing it, but it should be quite stable. In case Bugzilla’s API was broadened, it should be trivial to add this to the ruby lib.

    Please tell me how it turned out.


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