Still playing with Bugzilla

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Today I extended my Bugzilla gateway to support “products” in Bugzilla.

To my surprise, I found out that Bugzilla’s XML-RPC doesn’t return the associated “components” and “versions”.

The fix is quite simple:

--- Bugzilla/WebService/ Fri Aug 24 20:46:07 2007
+++ Bugzilla/WebService/      Fri Aug 24 21:10:47 2007
@@ -60,6 +60,8 @@
                id          => type('int')->value($_->id),
                name        => type('string')->value($_->name),
                description => type('string')->value($_->description),
+               components  => $_->components,
+               versions    => $_->versions
         } @requested_accessible;

I’ll try to submit it to the Bugzilla’s bugzilla 🙂

But what’s really missing, is the ability to change bugs via the XML-RPC API, or for the very least – adding comments.
The current way of doing it via the mail gateway is a little bit ugly.

Update: It turns out that there’s a bug opened already:
And this bug has a patch which allows appending comments to a bug.

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