Objective-C library for MusiXmatch API

There’s a new cool startup called MusiXmatch which provides an easy access to lyrics.
They already have tons of lyrics and they recently opened their API to the alpha testers.
I wrote a basic library for accessing this service. While it’s incomplete, it already provides the most often used functionality such as searching for tracks and getting lyrics.
Example usage:

// Get a track
Track *track = [Track trackWithId:123];
NSString *lyrics = [track lyrics];
// Or use the service directly
MusiXmatchService *service = [MusiXmatchService sharedInstance];
NSArray *tracks = [service trackSearch:@"dreamer" numResults:10];
for (Track *track in tracks) {
    NSLog(@"TrackID: %u, Artist: %@, Title: %@", track.mxmId, track.artist.name, track.name);

Get it here:

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